Ahilan Ratnamohan

I am an artist and an athlete.  I studied film at the University of Technology, Sydney and the Universiteit van Amsterdam.  During these years and the subsequent ones I pursued football as a profession, playing in the some of the semi-pro leagues in Holland and Germany and rocking up at all types of clubs from Austria to Spain in the hope of trialling, the most fond memory was probably an unsuccessful trial at Malmö FF in Sweden.  On a trip back home, I scored a couple of gigs in some theatre productions, which had always been my second passion.  It had a snowball effect and I ended up deciding to stay in Australia to pursue performance.  It was inevitable that football would intertwine and I started exploring the idea of football as a dance making the The Football Diaries with Lee Wilson at Urban Theatre Projects.  Since then I’ve been concentrating on performance, but I still spend a bit of time every day trying to explore new possibilities for moving with a football and for creating choreography.  I still occasionally get distracted by the thought of pursuing football again, but that will happen if it’s supposed to happen.

One Response to “Ahilan Ratnamohan”

  1. Loving this blog, dude, it’s so fascinating. And as you know. I don’t care about … Soccer. Ha

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